The Weekly Word – Plethora


This Week’s Word is doubly special because it is a request from a fan and admirer of our program.

Fans and admirers are few and far between in this business, so it you really want to get my attention, become a fan and, even better, become an admirer and then nominate a word to be our Word of the Week.

There’s basically only one rule on nominations.  Try to keep them to less than six syllables.  More than that and you’ll tongue-tie your host.

This week’s Word of the Work is spelled just like it sounds but its meaning might be unfamiliar.

Its origin is a Greek word that meant “fullness.”  The way we use “Plethora” today is as a noun – a person, place or thing – that means a very large amount or number of something; an amount or number that is greater than what is necessary.

Give it a listen and, as a bonus, you’ll learn how to spell it correctly, any time and all the time.  And remember your assignment:  use the word (correctly) in an email or a conversation.  But, most important, have fun with your Word of the Week.

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