The Weekly Word – Nonchalant


Yes, I’ve been neglectful and have overlooked supplying your periodic vocabulary fix.  Well, you can stop clamoring now.  Your wait is over.  The Weekly Word – your Word of the Week – is back again.

Are you ready for this week’s word.  Here it comes. It’s “nonchalant.”

There are lots of interesting things to learn about this week’s word.  First, it’s not a noun or a verb; instead, it’s an adjective.  That means it describes or clarifies or gives a deeper meaning to something.

Next, this week’s Weekly Word is not easy to spell.  You may be tempted to spell it using an “E” or two.  But don’t do that.  Notice that there are no “E’s” in nonchalant; instead, there are two “A’s.” Be careful and spell it right, every time, all the time.

The best part of this week’s Weekly Word is it’s actually two words that have been put together by time and use.  The first word – “non” – is easy to spot and figure out.  And it means exactly what it looks like it means – “not.”

The second of the two words that make up this week’s Weekly Word is much more interesting – “chalant.”  It has French and Latin origins and means “warm.”  So, taken literally, our Weekly Word means to be “not warm;” in other words, to be nonchalant is “to be cool.”

Our contemporary usage of nonchalant is a little more nuanced that simply being “cool.”  Someone who acts nonchalant might be “casual” or “complacent.”  A nonchalant air implies experience and confidence.

Have fun with this week’s Weekly Word.

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