The Weekly Word – Equanimity


This week’s Weekly Word is a great one to show off and impress your friends and neighbors with.

It’s a little tricky to pronounce – it’s got five syllables – and at first glance you might think it’s hard to spell, but it’s not.

Our Weekly Word – Equanimity – is spelled exactly the way it sounds, unlike many of the words you’ve learned.

Work first on pronouncing our Weekly Word correctly – sound out each of its five syllables – then get to work on learning how to spell it.

Write it down at least ten times until you spell it right every time, all the time.

After all that work, you’ll especially appreciate our Weekly Word’s meaning.

Notice that it’s a Noun which means it’s a person, place or thing.  And this Week’s Weekly Word is an intangible thing, that is, you may sense or experience it but won’t be able to actually see, feel or touch it.

And here’s the meaning that you’ve been waiting for. This Week’s Weekly Word – Equanimity – means calmness under stress or when dealing with problems.

There’s your Weekly Word, your Word of the Week.  Now you’ve got to go out and use the Word in a conversation or in writing something.  And when you do, make sure you spell it right, every time and all the time.

But most important.  Have fun with your Weekly Word.  There’s nothing wrong with showing off your vocabulary to your friends and neighbors.

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