The Beatles Last Year Together – Part One


Listen to StitcherThe Beatles were famous for more than the great music they played.  They approached life with what seemed to be endless fun-loving creativity and energy.

The “Lads from Liverpool” seemed to have some sort of special magic that held them together.  Could it last forever?  Would they ever run out of iconic, chart-topping tunes that we never tired of?

And what were The Beatles?  Were they four young men who somehow blended together their individual skills of singing and playing?  Or was there a sound or a style – could it be called a “brand”- that was The Beatles and the band’s four members always focused on that?

The Beatles last year together began in January 1969 at Twickenham Studios, about 10 miles west of downtown London.  The band hadn’t toured for two years and it seemed like much of their cohesiveness and creativity was missing.

What had happened?  Had the unrelenting pressure of being international superstars taken its toll?  Or did John, Paul, George and Ringo want to express themselves individually rather than being part of The Beatles?prx-logo-B (2)

Or did the end of The Beatles begin 20 months earlier when the fifth Beatle – Brian Epstein – suddenly died?  Who was Brian Epstein?  He didn’t play in the band or write its songs or arrange its music.  What did he do that made him the “Fifth” Beatle?


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