Going for a Ride on a High-Flying Hot Rod


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I confess to being a “Space Junkie.”  Growing up, I would get up early and watch and listen to Walter Cronkite as he counted down the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo launches.


But none of those early spacecraft come close to matching the Space Shuttle’s size and sheer noise and power.  If man’s most amazing machines are the ones that propel us into space, then the Space Shuttle is the best of the best.

We broadcast an earlier version of this podcast that was pretty entertaining but just didn’t capture the awe and majesty of the shuttle program.

So, to celebrate the end of the Shuttle program and to anticipate the possibilities of the Orion program, I’ve reprised that earlier broadcast by adding some new material to it and dialing up its audio.

In this new and improved podcast, you’ll hear from two crew members who flew aboard the Atlantis shuttle.  But you won’t hear any of the we-did-this or we-did-that sort of thing.  Instead, you’ll hear what you really want to know:  what did it feel like to ride aboard the most powerful machine ever built by man and to fly it into outer space?

Turn up the volume, tighten your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your podcast-listening life.  And play it over and over again if you want.  I have and it gets better every time.prx-logo-B (2)

Enjoy.  Thanks and come back and visit us again soon.


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    Great post!

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    This is very interesting. I have joined your feed and look forward to more!