Les Schwab Means Fine Tires… and Even Better Service


Listen to StitcherThe story is familiar. It’s been told many times.  But it seems to get better with every telling.

Sudden Service… Pride in Performance… If We can’t Guaranty it, We won’t Sell It.

In 1952, Les Schwab bought a business in Prineville, Oregon known as OK Rubber Welders.  Its building didn’t have indoor plumbing and looked so bad that his wife cried when she saw it.

But it was his business and he would run it the way he wanted to.  And that meant valuing his employees and customers above everything else.

Les Schwab said the organization he built was unique; that there weren’t any others like it anywhere.  And he may be right.  Find another company that pays half of what it earns to its employees. And that always promotes from within; every promotion and opportunity is always offered first to existing employees.

Most important is their commitment to integrity and honesty.  No exceptions are ever made.  Steal one dime from the company and you’re fired.  No second chances or excuses.  That’s the code of ethics at Les Schwab.  Nobody misunderstands it.

Les Schwab’s tire company has grown to be one of the largest, privately-held businesses in the Pacific Northwest.  And as it grew, its employees shared in the company’s financial success.  But more important is how, with nearly 9,000 employees and approaching 500 stores, the organization has stayed true to its core values, the principles that Les Schwab spelled out when he started it in 1952.  That’s the lesson Les wants you to learn.

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