How much did you put in my Brownies?


Oregon’s voters have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

And starting July 1, Oregonians can do that subject to some limitations and rules that most people don’t understand or may or may not be enforced.

The question we’re asking is how can – or should – marijuana be used?

The short answer most people give is, “Well, you smoke it, of course!”

But that may not be the best or most complete answer.

How about adding marijuana to your favorite recipe?  What would that do for your brownies?

But how much to add?  What’s the right amount?  Too little and there’s no buzz.  Too much and who knows what might happen.

And what do we know about the potency of the various types of marijuana that you could add to your brownies?  Is there some sort of “calorie-count” that will tell me how much – or how little – to add?  Are these potency tests accurate and reliable?

Mid-Term Exam Review (2)The very talented folks at WNYC in New York City tried to answer these questions in this program’s podcast.  Don’t miss it.  It’s funny, serious and informative.  Thank you very much to WNYC for letting us use this piece.

After you hear it, banana cream pies will never be the same again.

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  1. Exactly why is pot illegal?

  2. Ron says:

    The story originates from New York state where the use and distribution of marijuana is currently illegal. That’s not necessarily the case in other states, such as Colorado and Oregon. That sets up a conflict between those states’ laws and a federal law that prohibits the use and distribution of marijuana under just about every circumstance. The basis for legally prohibiting the use and distribution of marijuana seems to come from two beliefs. One is that the effects of marijuana use cannot be measured or determined with sufficient accuracy. Second is it is believed to be a “gateway” drug, that is, using marijuana leads to using more powerful and dangerous drugs.

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