Galloping Gertie and the Tacoma Narrows


Listen to StitcherThanks to our Radio Program’s association with the Public Radio Exchange, we were able to broadcast Roman Mars’ story of Galloping Gertie, the ill-fated bridge built across the Tacoma Narrows.  And we especially want to acknowledge Roman’s radio program and podcast, “99% Invisible” and thank him for the fabulous work he’s produced.

There are many lessons, all of which matter, embedded in the story of Galloping Gertie.  The first might be bringing a measure of humility to every task you begin.  Or said differently, know what you don’t know.  The chutzpah of Galloping Gertie’s designers and engineers speaks to that essential ingredient.

And no less essential would be constantly recalling President Reagan’s admonition to Soviet Premier Gorbachev, “Trust but verify.”  Bring a healthy dose of skepticism to every assignment and relationship.  Trust is essential and necessary but trust can and should be subjected to scrutiny from time to time.

This segment from our radio program includes a special bonus, the story of Portland State University’s national College Bowl winning championship team.  It’s a story I know well and tell often.  Any story that merits a plaque is worth telling and worth listening to.  Every prx-logo-B (2)chance you get, look for a plaque and if you find one, find out the story behind it.  You can bet it will be a good one.

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    I enjoyed it!

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