Edith the Holdout


Edith Macefield’s house occupies some of Seattle’s most valuable real estate.  Edith Listen to Stitcherdoesn’t live in her house anymore.  But the house is still standing.  And it’s still surrounded by five stories of concrete, steel and glass commercial development.  She was offered a million dollars to sell it but she said, not very politely, that her house wasn’t for sale.

You probably think you’ve heard this story before.  And that you’ve seen a movie based on it.  But that’s a different story.  One that was imagined by some talented and creative writers and artists.

Edith’s story is a true story.  One that actually happened.  And some say it’s still happening today.  But be forewarned.  Her story causes “driveway moments.” Public Radio Exchange

Special thanks and appreciation go out to our good friend, Roman Mars and his program, 99% Invisible, along with the Public Radio Exchange, for producing and distributing some of what you’re about to hear.  Enjoy.

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