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The Weekly Word – Belfry


Here’s your Word of the Week.  The wait is over.  Here it comes.

This week’s word – Belfry – isn’t spelled anything like it’s pronounced.

And to make things even more interesting, it originally didn’t have anything to do with bells.  Or bats, for that matter.

So, don’t wait any longer.  Listen to the story of the history of this week’s word.  You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn.

Be sure to spell it correctly, any time and every time you use it.  Be careful, it’s not spelled anything like it sounds.

Remember your assignment. Use this week’s word in a conversation or something you’re writing.

Most important, have fun with this week’s word.  It’s all right to show off a little bit and dazzle your friends and neighbors with your command of the language.

I’ll be back soon.  Don’t worry about that.  I’m Ron Johnson, your host and trusty guide for all things that matter.



The Weekly Word – Mea Culpa


The wait is over.  Here comes a brand new Weekly Word.

Except, as you’ll see, it’s a phrase or expression, not just a single word.

And while this week’s phrase has a religious heritage, you’re find plenty of secular opportunities to use it.

There’s also a minor controversy over how to pronounce it.  Listen to how I say it.  Is that the right way?  Or is it, “Mea KOOL – pa?”

Enjoy this week’s word.  Make sure you spell it right every time, all the time.  Remember your assignment; use the word in a conversation or something you’ve written.  And, best of all, have fun with your Word of the Week.

The Weekly Word – Quip


Here’s this week’s Word of the Week.WeeklyWord

It’s a four-letter word that you can use a lot without getting into trouble. For openers, it can be either a verb or a noun.

And with only four letters, it should always be easy for you to spell.  No excuse for ever spelling it wrong.

When you think about using this word, make sure you know whether you’re identifying something (that would be a noun) or discussing how something was done (that would be using it as a verb).

Last but not least, you know your homework assignment.  Use the word some time during the next week.  But make sure to use it correctly.  Best of all, have fun with the Weekly Word.

The Weekly Word – Caveat


Here’s WeeklyWordthis week’s Word of the Week.

People like to show off when they use this word.  But do they know how to use it correctly?

Listen carefully for how to spell it and make sure to spell it right, every time, all the time.

Used correctly, this word can clear up any misunderstandings about what you really mean to say.  That’s something worth remembering.  Think how much better things might be if everyone we said was clear and understandable.

You know your assignment.  Use the word some time this week.  But make sure to use it correctly.  And, best of all, have fun with the Weekly Word.