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Win the Race – Kiss a Cow!


Most of us, at some time, have dreamed about driving a race car.  You’ve probably imagined yourself behind the wheel of a low-slung Indy 500 racer instead of goingListen to Stitcher shopping in the family Mini-Van.

I’ve been lucky enough to go racing and can tell you there’s no bigger rush than blasting down a straightaway at 150 MPH before braking into a 90-degree corner.

So, let’s go racing!  But instead firing up an exotic, multi-million dollar Formula 1 car, let’s head out to the neighborhood, short-course oval track.  Every small town in America has one and there’s no better place for spending Saturday night.

Our program is going to take us to one of the best known oval tracks – Thunder Road just outside Barre, Vermont.  And when we’re there, we’ll learn a secret or two about winning races from none other than Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor.  Then the green flag will fly and we’ll hear the story of the “Milk Bowl” race where the winner takes home a check for Public Radio Exchange$10,000 and gets to Kiss a Cow!

It’s all great listening.  Enjoy.

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Lady Luck isn’t Smiling for Me


If it wasn’t for Bad Luck, I’d have no Luck.

There are a lot of great sayings about luck. “It’s better to be lucky than good.”Listen to Stitcher

But do you always want luck on your side?  Of all the things you could have on your side, why would you want luck?  Are there better things than luck?

And shouldn’t we be suspicious about the virtues of luck if it’s always associated with gambling?  After all, gambling has a way of leveling things over time.  One day you’re up and the next you’re down.

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em.

Invest some time in our podcast.  Thanks to the good folks at Snap Judgment, you’ll get to hear the story of one of the great poker players of all time.  And it’s said to be a true story.  Archie Karas started with $50 and two years later, he cashed nearly $40 million in chips.  But he couldn’t say, “No” to dealing the next hand.

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Can Government Do Anything Right?


Government used to do Rocket Science!

Most of any Government’s duties involve tasks that the private sector can’t or won’t do.  It’s not economically feasible for private enterprise to provide police and fire protection to aListen to Stitcher city, for example.  Similarly, the cost of a national defense should be borne by the entire country and paid for taxes with levied against most of the people who receive the benefit.

But be careful then when you challenge a government worker by asking, “This isn’t rocket science, is it?”  Don’t forget that it was a government agency – NASA – that put a man on the moon in 1969.

Does it seem like Government can’t get anything right?

But that was nearly 50 years ago. How is the government doing these days?  Are they delivering their essential services and products, like supplying safe drinking water or installing a website for buying insurance or building a bridge?

What went wrong in Flint, Michigan?  Or why couldn’t the State of Oregon set up a website for buying insurance?  Or nearly 50 years after putting a man on the moon, why can’t the States of Oregon and Washington build a bridge?

What’s gone wrong?  What has happened that makes essential duties like supplying safe drinking water or building a bridge so difficult and expensive?

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How is it Decided when Easter is Celebrated?

Now You Know

If Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ, why is it that Christ’s birth is always celebrated on the same day – December 25 – but Easter isn’t always on the same date?

Why isn’t Easter always a fixed date like celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July or Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in November?

After all, it’s been over 2,000 years since Christ’s death and that question still confuses most of us.

Listen to this Podcast and you’ll hear the answer.  I should warn you though that the answer may not completely satisfy you.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and letting me help you with what might have been a minor mystery for you.

We’ll do this again, I promise.  And sooner than later.

Thanks again for joining me, your host for all the things you’d like to know.

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The Shadow Always Knows


There’s nothing better than the programs radio used to broadcast.  The content and the voice-acting had to be first-rate because they couldn’t hide behind elaborate sets and costumes.Listen to Stitcher

What may have been the most-popular ever serial started as a pulp novel.  What eventually became the main character took two years to evolve and develop.  And their first programs may have been their best.

Lamont Cranston was a wealthy, young man-about-town.  Margo Lane was his constant companion and said to be Cranston’s love-interest.

But there may have been more to their relationship.  It was rumored that Cranston and the mysterious crime-fighter, “The Shadow,” were connected.  And that Margo Lane knew “The Shadow’s” true identity.

Who better than Orson Welles to play the role of Lamont Cranston.  And Agnes Moorhead as Margo Lane.

Enjoy a rebroadcast of a thriller first broadcast in 1937.  A series of explosions have been damaging the Navy’s ships.  There’s a saboteur on the loose and the government needs help stopping him.

We’ve got lots more of these old-time radio programs in our library.  Let us know if you’ll like to hear more.

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