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Edith the Holdout


Edith wouldn’t sell her house for even a million dollars. It’s still standing today, surrounded by a shopping center. Her story is better than the movie.

Galloping Gertie and the Tacoma Narrows


Learn about Galloping Gertie, the ill-fated bridge across the Tacoma Narrows. Plus a bonus: Why you always want to look for the plaque and learn the story behind it.

Give ’em the PICKLE!!!


Figure out what the customer wants. Then “Give ’em the Pickle.”

Unsung Heroines of WWII – The WASPS


The best trained and most qualified pilots may not have flown in aerial combat during WWII. Here’s the story of the WASPs.

War of the Worlds – Don’t Miss It!


It’s the best radio program ever broadcast. It caused a panic in 1938. Listen again to Orson Welles, his Mercury Theater company and War of the Worlds

Welcome to ‘Because It Matters’


Ron Johnson, Your Host for “Because It Matters.”

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Welcome aboard!  I’m Ron Johnson, your Host for “Because It Matters.”

Think of this website as a digital magazine full of engaging and energizing stories told by interesting people about things that will interest you.

We aren’t another run-of-the-mill website offering only music or biased political commentary.  In fact, we think you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for – thoughtful discussions of current issues and conversations with interesting people who will matter to you.

Please invest some of your time with us.  You’ll like what you get in return. Open one of the categories in the top panel’s menu bar and check out what you find.

We’re working hard at figuring out how to make all this be something you’ll enjoy and find useful. I invite your comments about what we’re doing that’s right and wrong.

But more important, I want your suggestions about how to get better and deliver what you want.  Thanks again for visiting.  Please come back often.

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    Excellent blog. I’ll be back.

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    Good job, cheers…

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